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TOURISM AND Cyprus go together like gin and tonic; where you can read first-hand editorials, travelogues,
it’s an industry that is simply and clearly an important part of life on the island. In particular, Cyprus is a favourite destination among UK holidaymakers, with many returning year after year, often eventually with their children and grandchildren.

What you might not know is that despite the recent economic turmoil on the island, tourism appears to be immune to economic woes. In fact, it is quite amazing to see resident expatriates expressing support and solidarity with our citizens. As if in return, our tourism and hospitality industry is even more determined to demonstrate that Cyprus was, is, and always will be, a warm and welcoming high standard holiday destination, come what may.

To prove this point, a number of sales, marketing and PR executives from various hotels (including ourselves) decided not just to tell the world, but to show the world exactly what Cyprus has to offer – today, here and now. We recognised that the travel industry needed reassurance and that travel agents were being asked questions that they could not answer. So, for the sake of Cyprus and its visitors, but above all for those who are sitting in the middle – the trade – a powerful initiative was born: ‘Summer is Cyprus’.